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  1. Eli

    EXO-Ls attendance!! Road to 400M views

  2. ayona SUJU

    تكفووون أعشقهممم

  3. Shary G. ELF

    Pisen el acelerado, métanle nitro lo que sea, pero que suba hermanas. 20,486,391

  4. Calendar & Starry Night

    Uno de estos días buscaré la letra ;) 534.806

  5. sanna 2027

    Suka sama lagu yang cry for love

  6. Hepimiz Kuzuyuz 12

    Ay ay ay yayaya 400mn a gidiyoz

  7. ElpeloperdidodeD.O

    EXO-L HERE:-)

  8. V

    my love to you is like water🌊💙


  10. sulli


  11. Pcy__ Exool

    Omg king of vocal I miss you):

  12. q buen momento para llorar por loona.

    *babydontstop twerking*

  13. Camila Mateus


  14. Vince Michael Morales

    ROAD TO 400M VIEWS!!!

  15. Rahma Adaileh

    E X O Suhooo Sehun Xiumin Beakhun Chanyeol Chen D.O Kai Lay We Are One #엑소_사랑하자 _Ot9

  16. Gamze T '

    Power a gidiyorum

    1. Ice Queen

      Uğrayım bende

  17. Alee

    Shawol presente intercalando Atlantis con Coffe <3 espero esta joyita llegue al millón pronto , fighting!

  18. ayona SUJU

    هااااوس بارتي

  19. yine spam


  20. Cat Tran


  21. ayona SUJU


  22. ayona SUJU


  23. Eto' ́

    Vamos por el millón de likeS :))

  24. Soojin Lee

    최준이 커버한 거 보고 왔습니다 ☺️

  25. Gamze T '

    Bu era kai için yaratılmış be gırmızı yakuşuklum

  26. atefexo

    Bekhodaaaa love you so so so so so so so so so so so so so much

  27. Baeklemek en D.Ogrusu 22


  28. la loca por bts

    90M les't go ❤

  29. SN[*****] ft Diamond TSR

    Lagu nya SM emang best sih, sudah aku akui

  30. Charisa حاَرِسَ ᄉᄀ

    Mark sayang ^3^

  31. atefexo

    Doostet daram ♡

  32. atefexo

    Khodaya shokret

  33. Z Yehboi

    Reply on this comment for daily attendance 🙏

  34. Enlen M

    Kokobop in 2021 :) <3

  35. YOUNG HEE ᄋᄉᄋ 2


  36. sanna 2027


  37. Yamileth Rosales

    Quede muerta

  38. NoorLiana Mahmud


  39. yine spam


  40. Charisa حاَرِسَ ᄉᄀ

    Ahayyyyy dancing

  41. atefexo

    Cheghadr khobe ke darimet

  42. ElpeloperdidodeD.O

    str\*m mama>power>history>mmh>lucky one and more videos!!!

  43. Nataly Claros

    Por esta canción conocí a SHINee🥰❤️

  44. Lovelyn Malapit

    400M todayyyy! Yes!!

  45. Permata Az

    imma say the annoying line again... if this was released in 2020 IT WOULDVE SLAPPED THE CHARTS. if only people didn’t focus on dragging nct down from the start.

  46. Elizabeth Waite

    Not gonna lie, this song is super important to me because it came out on my brothers first bday

  47. atefexo

    cheghadr doost dashtanet ghashange

  48. PaoCollection

    Still love this song 💜

  49. Eto' ́

    Xuxi 🥰

  50. Adisa Jakupovic

    this was one of their first and i think the only 'experimental' song and comeback they ever had and i LOVED the concept it's still one of my faves! it's not cute or sexy, just cool and fun.

  51. Eto' ́

    De las mejores canciones y videos de un grupo pero sobretodo la coreografía man el moonwalking lo es todo.

  52. Nicki Cole

    Stay hydrated kids!!!!

  53. sanna 2027

    EXO-L fighting!!

  54. Izabelly Souza

    😔 😔😔😔😔😔💜💜💜

  55. Erna Wati

    Like water

  56. atefexo

    Cheghadr khobi to

  57. sanna 2027

    We are one

  58. sanna 2027

    Go 400M!!

  59. Ice Queen

    Gözünden kalp çıkan imojii

  60. 카이김

    Semangat 400m

  61. stan onlyoneof

    guys just stan nct smh

  62. missy villareal

    Huyy ano to bakit nagpaparamdam 'to?

  63. rinda 23

    I just realized that boy was minho, LOL😭😂😂

  64. atefexo

    Akh khodaaaa mane bichare kheiliii delam tang shode va3 in pesar

  65. Tiara Kurniawati

    KINGG !!!!


    kai <3

  67. Hasan Faisal

    Chen you perfect

  68. Sunset Drive Crystal

    johnnys part is smooth

  69. teuk hyung ph

    Can you believe we've been partying for a month now?? 🎉

  70. Mylene Rito

    Today is wendy Tomorrow is wendy Forever is wendy.

  71. atefexo

    Bargard digeeee

  72. Hepimiz Kuzuyuz 12

    Sahura doğru~~~

  73. Hasan Faisal


  74. Cherrypink.2


  75. atefexo


  76. atefexo

    Let's love

  77. Friz Y

    Wendyyyy <3

  78. Lala Nauli Sonya Hutapea

    ELF Clouds FIGHTING 10M!! ^^

  79. Vince Michael Morales

    I will never get tired of listening to this song. BAMBI SOTY

  80. SN[*****] ft Diamond TSR

    "Ahh" ada itu terus